Zig-Zag Faux Hawk Tutorial

I am absolutely in love with this Zig-Zag curling iron.  It creates such a unique texture in my hair.  It is perfect for this edgy Faux Hawk hair style.

I did this hairstyle YEARS ago for one of my sister’s wedding events.  I came across some pictures the other day and decided to recreate the look for my blog using my zig-zag iron.

This hairstyle is so easy and quick.  I was too busy doing everyone else’s hair for the event and I had NO time to straighten my hair.  *TYPICAL hairdresser life.

This easy up style was my solution. Two elastic bands, a few hairpins and a TON of hairspray and I was good to go.

For my make-up I’m incorporating my favorite spring trend this year: METALLICS.

I’m using the new NYX Cosmetics “Cosmic Metals” eyeshadow and Lippie.

I carved the metallic cut crease with the Huda Beauty 3D Highlight “Golden Sands” palette

In “Fiji.”  The creamy texture makes it so easy to carve the line! The shimmer makes it the perfect base for a metallic eyeshadow.

I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial.  Be sure to share it with your friends and thanks for dropping by!


Zig-Zag Curling Iron (LINK)

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter (LINK)

NXY Cosmetics “Cosmic MetalsLip Cream (LINK)

NXY Cosmetics “Cosmic MetalsEyeshadow Palette (LINK)

Dress (LINK)

Shoes (LINK)

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