Yin Yang

We are NOT built for the winter!

Just when the hubs and I are ready to drop everything and move to a warmer country, summer finally decides to show up in Toronto.

We both grew up in blaring hot climates. He grew up in the scorching temps of the Caribbean in Trinidad.  Me, I’m a southern girl raised in Texas, born in the Middle East. Currently living in Toronto, Canada with a huge South Asian influence from my Pakistani parents.  In true Canadian spirit –we’re a mashup of cultures.

I have moved about 32 homes in my 28 years.. 4 times in the past 4 years that we have been married. Yup.  It’s safe to say I get bored pretty easily?

With each move and each batch of new people that have come and gone I have been able to expand my perspective on life.  And meet some pretty amazing people along the way.  It’s also made me very adaptable to change.  So much so that I’m in need of it constantly.

So this week in the spirit of change, I thought a little contrast would be fun for Lil’s and I!  These outfits couldn’t possibly describe our relationship any better.  Completely opposite, yet complementary.  A little ‘Yin Yang’ if I may. Topped off with top knots of course.

It’s so refreshing to not be bundled up in layers of clothing.  I’m so excited for her first summer.  Although I’m learning very quickly that these pretty little dresses don’t do so well with her rolling around on the grass all day.  Maybe we should be living somewhere warmer?

I always wonder if we should settle down for the sake of Lil’s but she seems to be enjoying our hectic lifestyle.

We eventually intend on moving to a warmer country.  He wants to move back home to the Caribbean, and I want to move back home to the Middle East.  We’ll see who gets their way soon enough. (ME) But for now, Toronto keeps reeling us back in!

Ariba’s Top and Skirt – Hot Miami Styles

Ariba’s Shoes – Steve Madden

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