White out

“Say please and thank you, sit like a lady, shhh… that’s not polite.  Eat your vegtables. Good girl.”

While I spend my days doing my best to teach Lil’s all about life, I realize how much she has taught me.

She’s a constant reminder of kindness and innocence, and that it still exists in this world.  Her compassion has no motive.  She carries a lighthearted purity with her that’s strong enough to lighten any burden.  She teaches me to do the same.

Like when I walk into my room and she’s chosen my makeup to finger paint all over the carpet.  Then laughs hysterically at my terror.  It’s the perfect display of “bad actions” that are rooted with no ill intention at all.  I know, she doesn’t know any better.  But trying to stay level headed after something like that is no easy task.

There’s no greater lesson that I learn from this munchkin than to stay open minded when tempted to pass judgement on what seems like a clear-cut matter.  You know, perspective.

Or when I have my head buried in my work.  I am the master of tunnel vision, nothing exists when I’m in work mode.  Then I hear a sweet little voice, Mama? As she climbs up my leg and locks her sweet eyes on mine, ready for a cuddle.  Then bangs me on the head with a toy.

As if she’s insisting “Let loose Mama. Stop being so seeeerious.”  Work will always be there, this time that is passing by so quickly, won’t.  PLAY.

And of course when she smears cheese all over my white couch, or pours juice all over my white bedding.  And most recently- DUMPS half of her lunch all over her new white dress as she wipes her sticky fingers on my new white medi dress.

She teaches me my that days of white on white mania are behind me.

The couch is history.. the rest I’m working on… there’s some greys and blue’s trickling into my closet.

Is grey a color?

Blue, I’ve added blue.

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