I sat down with Canadian fashion designer Jordan Erin Mckay, (JEM) after her show this week at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM).

Her fashion label, HENDRIXROE, is known for its’ glam-rock feel, and boy did she deliver!  The show started with a short fashion movie displaying the lifestyle and vision for the collection.  Once the mood was set, we saw shaggy hair and dreadlocks bouncing down the runway as spectators goggled over the extensive array of ethnicities and hair textures.

Variety was the name of the game for her Spring/Summer 2017 collection.  We saw everything from clean-cut lines to spellbinding fringe swaying down the runway.  No detail was left out as the impeccably accessorized models rocked over-sized shades and big rimmed hats.

Still a little spellbound, I walked over and introduced myself to the sweet and friendly designer who made me instantly feel like I was chatting with an old friend.  I just had to get inside her head to get some insights on HOW she accomplished what I just witnessed. And I jumped right in:


ME: The hairstyles tonight! We saw everything. How involved were you in some of the looks we saw tonight?

JEM: Everything.  I feel like if the model feels beautiful they are going to feel great out there. I feel like that’s very important these days. I don’t want to put anyone in a box that they should look like something. The same reason why I choose different ethnicities I’m really not wanting just the blue eyed blonde guy that we see a lot of the time on the runway, NO WAY.

ME: What’s your process in actually coming up with the hairstyles, do you work closely with the lead stylist or did you have something very specific in mind?

JEM: The company is inspired by Jimmy Hendrix, I’m so big about that rocker feel.  Very Coachella and Woodstock, so I want that big hair, very shaggy. I just LOVE that.

ME: What are some of your favorite components from your new collection?

JEM: OoUU! I love the whole swade aspect, the trenches, the lace..


JEM: (giggles) I’m a big fringe girl, if I could put fringe on everything I would.  I literally would.  Being on that real big rock star component definitely. that festival feel.

ME: Do you have any fashion advice for a young parent like me or any body on the go?

JEM: Wear my cashmere sweat suits because you’ll never go wrong – it’s a cashmere jogger that looks fantastic all the time. I live in mine.

ME: The show seemed to come together so effortlessly but I’m sure there were months of prep, what were some of your highpoints in putting this show together?

JEM: I’m so happy that you said that! I’m glad that it seemed seamless. Definitely making the fashion movie, the one that we started the show with. I’ve always loved that, I always wanted to create that lifestyle.  And I’ve had a great partner in crime with Cameron (the male model) He looks like Brad Pitt and all the best rockers in the world.

Me: I saw him all over your Instagram and I was like OH I can’t wait for THIS show.

JEM: I mean he’s pretty delicious.

Me: And do you have any new upcoming projects that we can look forward to?

JEM: We’re going to make our fashion film (the intro to the runway show) into a short film!

Me: AMAZING. Can’t wait for that, thank you SO much for your time!

Check out some of her collections here: HENDRIXROE

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