The New Norm

Juggling my previous life with motherhood is an ongoing battle.  After 2 babies, full time blog life, and an entourage of family and friends, the struggle for balance is real!

A lot of my closest friends are single or haven’t really started families yet.  I love hanging out with them but lately I’m finding myself stressed out trying to keep up with a lifestyle that I had before babies.

I’m bummed out staying home while everyone else goes out.  And even more upset going out while my babies stay in.  Mama’s you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The worst part is when my friends don’t do certain things because I can’t go with the babies.  That just bums me out even more because that is the last thing I want!

So where do I find the balance here?

Trying to keep up with my old life is a very stressful and painful road.  Arranging babysitting, making sure I pump enough breastmilk (which I absolutely hate doing) only to spend the night out worried about the kids the entire time.  Once in a while my nights out alone are needed but most of the time it’s far too much of a hassle.

So, I have slowly begun to evolve my social life to include my babies.  I really don’t like spending the day without them and I don’t feel like I should have to choose between my friends and my family.  So, baby Z and Lils are the newest members of the crew.

I’ve stepped into a very flexible, “go with the flow” strategy towards the issue.

I’m constantly excusing myself for diaper changes and feedings in the middle of lunch dates or outings, dirty diapers wait for no one.  My friends patiently stroll along as I slowly push my stroller through crowds while everyone else is zipping through.  They all help feed the kids and keep them entertained when they start getting tired and moody.  Everyone seems to be enjoying having the kids around so much so that I wonder if it’s even me that they want to see or is the kids? Haha.

It has been a strange adjustment for all of us but I don’t think completely walking away from my life is the answer.  Evolving my lifestyle to include my babies instead of giving up everything I love doing is the route that I am working towards.

My cut off time away from my babies is about an hour.. maybe an hour and half.  After that the anxiety kicks in and my imagination goes wild.  Did mom and dad fall asleep watching the kids.. did I lock the door.. is the stove off.. what about my curling iron.. dear Lawd baby Zayden went through a week’s worth of breast milk in the past hour and he’s starving we have to go home.. GO. GO!

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