Sweet Tooth

Aaliyanas little piggy nose and pout isn’t the only thing that impersonates mommy.  Weather she’s down on her knees praying next to me and mumbling her lips along or sitting on the couch enjoying late night desserts, it’s safe to say- Mama is under constant observation.

It never seizes to amaze me how quickly she catches onto things without me sitting there and spelling it out for her, step-by-step.  As one would assume you do with a child. I never know how or when she picks up my words and habits.

She’ll pretend to poke her little eyes when she gets her hands on my contact case. Then there’s the horrific application of lipstick as soon as she gets her hands on my makeup bag. How does she know the powder brush goes on the cheeks, and the eyeshadow on the eyelids?  I didn’t teach her that!

Not only is this vigilant tot picking up every single habit, but my actions are constantly molding her perception. Every fall and bump is proceeded with a long pause.  Waiting for MY reaction.

Occasionally her excitement for her fluffy slippers overpowers her motor skills. She’ll run over as fast as possible as soon as she sees me slip mine on, and fall flat on her bum.  I glance over to make sure she’s ok and as hard as it is for me to resist cuddling my baby, I look the other way and let her find her feet on her own. If I gasp and rush to her assistance, she’s most likely going to think something big and bad just went down. If I don’t make it an issue, it’s not an issue, and it’s on to the fluffy paws and flapjacks.

I’m going to be honest, this constant surveillance isn’t ALL bad. It’s been forcing mama to be on her best behaviour, for the next few years anyway, haha!  It’s been challenging giving up some habits that I definitely don’t want to pass onto her.  Like my excessive sweet tooth.  I’ve had those days where I’ve consumed more sugar than food. I’m not proud of it.  It’s been a life long struggle.

So when that sweet tooth calls and I know she’s watching, I’ll grab a piece of fruit or find a distraction till it passes.  But nothing quite diverts me from a plate of fresh, moist cookies like that yummy cheek of hers.  It’s scrumptious enough to satisfy my sweet tooth better than ANY amount of chocolatey goodness. Gimme!

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