Princess Jasmine Halloween Tutorial

When I saw the trailer for Aladdin 2019 not only did I squeal like my 7 year old self, I made my childhood dream a reality; Princess Jasmine for the day.

The kids and I rushed to pull up photos so we can all choose which character to be.  Jaffar and the Tiger caught Lils eyes but she quickly changed her mind when she saw my Jasmine costume.  Baby Zayden is so similar in personality to Abu, his costume was easy choose.

Dada was not on board at all and I didn’t think he would join in. But ofcourse, as soon as Lils asked him to be Aladdin, he placed his order for his costume. Haha.

I put together a really easy Princess Jasmine hair tutorial. Watch until the end to see the whole family decked out in full character!

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