Ombre to Sombre

Brassy hair and regrowth lines- every girls pet peeve.  With this makeover we are going to be adding depth and movement to a flat hair color.

I will be using my favorite hair coloring technique- Balayage. I’ll be free-hand painting the highlights and foiling in lowlights to create multi-tones through out her hair.

Adding dimension to your color will create a more natural effect.  Painting in the highlights creates a soft, feathered finish. The gradient color grows out softly allowing you to extend the longevity of your hair color.

Check Out The Makeover:


Redken Hair Color

Lightner – Flash Lift – 30 volume on the midshaft and 10 volume on the ends. (2 parts PRO-OXIDE cream developer and 1 part powder)

Lowlight- Shades EQ Cover Plus – 20ml 4N + 20ml 5N

Toner – Shades EQ Gloss – 30ml 8V 30ml 7NB

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