LOB and Ombre Makeover

Shorter hair without being tied down to a short haircut. Wha?

The Lob (long bob) hair cut is one of the easiest ways to transition into shorter hairstyles for those who cling to their “long hair security blanket.”

The Lob is a mid-length do’ that allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of longer hair.  It can be pulled into an up style, curled, crimped, teased and waved.

For this makeover we opted for a blunt Lob with no layers.  The striking clean edges bring a contemporary finish to the overall style.  A slightly longer angle towards the face gives you the feeling of longer locks, whilst enjoying all of the benefits of shorter hair.

“I want a huge change but I don’t want to lose any length.”  Lob it is!

A soft, ombre hair color was just what this sharp haircut needed to complete the transformation.

We used foils for this ombre application in order achieve maximum amount of lightness, and to help battle all of the red undertones. The foils keep the lightener moist for longer periods of time.  It provides that extra boost that will allow the hair color to lighten a few steps further.

I generally utilize a free- hand painting technique as appose to foiling to achieve a gradient, seamless finish.  How ever, the brick lay placement and angled sections in this makeover result in identical multi-tonal variations as balayge!

Check Out The Makeover:

What Was Used:

Color Formula – Redken Hair Color

Lightener – Blonde Icing   (2:1 with 40 volume)

Process until desired level of lightness is achieved.

Toner/Glaze- Shades EQ Gloss    (20ml – 6T + 20ml Clear + 30ml 8V)

Process for 20 minutes

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