Little Man’s First Birthday

How did we get here already?  Little man has blessed my life for an entire year.


I wanted to keep his birthday party intimate with only our closest friends and family. A complete opposite of Aaliyana’s first birthday that could have passed off as a wedding! We had a fraction of the guests and decided to go for a laid back BBQ.


We enjoyed the sun and an easy breezy vibe to reflect little mans’ personality.  Of course the decor had to follow suit which included some of his favorite elements; greenery, outdoors, and all things sugar.  All of it seamlessly summed up in a rustic chic scheme!

We spent the majority of the party out on the patio overlooking the city skyline as Ken and I tackled the BBQ. We are a family of eaters so we were out there majority of the day as our friends enjoyed drinks and kept us company. The kids ran around the party room indulging in dessert before dinner, just this one time.

As it came time to cut his cake I looked around the room at Baby Z’s proud Grandparents all wide eyed, smiling ear to ear.  The birthday anthem began and Ken wasted no time smearing cake all over the kids. Typical behaviour!

We ended the night in a sugar coma as little man fell asleep before he saw any of his gifts.  That’s ok, his big sister had no problem opening up every single one of them. I’m sure next year will be here before we know it and he will be a completely different little man. Watching his little personality cultivate this past year as I try to learn his language has been quite the learning experience.


I can’t wait to get to know you more as you continue to teach me more about myself than I ever knew.  Happy Birthday little man.

My decor was done by – Sweet Accents

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