Huda Beauty Lip Strobes

I’m so excited to share my new lip bling with you guys!

I’m going to swatching the entire Huda Beauty Lip Strobe collection this week.  Lils will be swatching some on her nosy and also a little bit inside her eyes and on her chin for casual, daily wear.

These lippies are totally multi-purposed.   You can wear them directly on your lips for a variety of light catching glossy, metallic or glittery finishes.  Dab your lips on a napkin to create a metallic-matte finish! They also work beautifully as “toppers” on liquid mattes and lipsticks.

The more I layered them the more coverage I was getting.

I played around with “Ritzy” as a base for my highlight and my highlight was BlingAn’ WAY more than usual. It left me with a really dewy glow!

I’m breaking down the glittery, metallic, sheer/opaque variety in the full video.

Huda Beauty –  Lip Strobes (Link)

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