Half Up Top Knot Hack

Another bun hack!  This one glammed out for the holidays.

Clamp the ends of your hair on the hair straightener while it is off and roll. Slowly slide the hair straightener out while holding onto the bun you have just created. Secure the bun at the base with a bobby pin and fan it open.  Secure both sides with hair pins and you are done!

This roller set is made easy by clamping the hair in between the tourmaline ceramic blades as you roll. Clamping the ends down give you a little bit more control as you mold your set. Setting the curls helps them last several days.  I usually set the curls in the areas I run my fingers through the most like around my face.

Utilize the rounded edges of the hair straightener to create elegant ribbon curls on the remaining hair. Don’t forget to brush them out, it ain’t the 70’s.

Curve your hair at the roots by bending your hair in between the blades for added volume! Spray your favorite texture spray to create movement and hold.

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