First Family Vacation – Dominican 2016

We FINALLY had our first family vacation at the beautiful island of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  I was a little nervous no, a LOT nervous travelling with bubs for the first time.  The usual spontaneous undertone of our trips was replaced with careful planning and TONS of downtime.  And it was much needed, so NO complaining.

We had the whole gang with us on this one.  Kens siblings, Aunt, Uncle, and their daughter who is Lil’s age, and Grandma.  We had plenty of helping hands and baby sitters so Mama and Dada were able to enjoy some nights out.  After like…. forEVER.  Wooo!

Normally Ken and I can’t sit still on vacation.  We always have these ambitious itineraries and we have to absolutely see and do everything before we leave.  But we were so burned out from this crazy busy year!  Anything other than lying on the beach, was just not appealing.  Yup, resort life and kiddie pools for the week! And I wouldn’t change a thing.

We are so grateful to spend time with family doing NOTHING but enjoying each others company and creating memories with the babies.  Last year I would have felt like it was such a waste of a vacation just “relaxing”.

When we were putting together our general itinerary for this trip there were SO many things that we normally do that we were unable to do because we have a baby with us. And I’m not going to lie, I was pretty bummed about it.  But who knew watching Lils dump sand on her head and dig holes for hours and hours everyday would be just as enjoyable as climbing up mountains and off trail hiking.

This is a new stage of my life and it is a different kind of fun.  I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.  Watching Lils freak out as she experiences new things for the first time is EVERYTHING.

Her joy is my joy and that’s where the fun is at these days guys! Haha

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