Fashion Week “Wet Hair” and Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Tutorial

Hey guys!

I’m so excited to share my brand-new Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette with you guys.  This palette has a gorgeous range of opulent, rich tones inspired by the Arabian Desert. It has proven to be one of the most versatile palettes.  I have been able to create understated nude, natural looks as well as dramatic, moody… glammed out finishes.

It was my go-to palette for all of the looks I created during Toronto and New York fashion week.

For my hair, I rocked a lot of “wet hair” for the week.  It’s a hair do that is trending right now and it is SO easy to do. A lot of the products that create the “wet hair” finish have been leaving my hair feeling heavy and crispy.   I have figured out a way to create a flexible “wet hair” finish that leaves my hair feeling super soft.  The secret is sea salt spray!

Sea salt draws moisture from the air into your hair.  It is an awesome product to create that beachy finish we all love to have.  I am also using a spray foam instead of a traditional foam mousse. It leaves me with just enough hold and flexible “wet hair” that I am able to flip around all day!

I hope you guys have been enjoying the Fashion Week posts on Instagram. I’ll have the blog post up soon where I will be sharing direct links to all of the outfits! For now, here are some of the products I used in this tutorial:

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