Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

I tend to go about my regular career tasks as if I’m not carrying a baby!  Strutting the stilettoes, my stamina in this pregnancy has surprised even me.

This fashion week in Toronto, I had the amazing opportunity of working my 4th season backstage and to witness art in motion on the runway.  I rotated my hairstylist and blogger hat throughout the week. Alternating backstage work and attending shows gave me a full Fashion Week experience.  I was able to observe a unique perspective as somebody creating art for the runway and someone witnessing it come to life.

Backstage was the typical highs and lows throughout the week.  This year we did a lot of “wet looks” where the hair looked very “lived in.”  We also did several Bohemian style braiding as well as several sleek and smooth looks.  I can’t wait to recreate some of these for my tutorials!

I have attended New York Fashion week before and I was lucky enough to be invited back this year! The frantic energy in New York made Toronto fashion week seem so suave.  My entire week in New York, running show to show was exhilarating and I came back FILLED with inspiration.  I soaked up as much creative juice as I could.

Staying active in my industry and mingling with like-minded artists is probably the most inspiring aspect of my career.  It expands my mind to new possibilities like nothing else.  Creative expression is such an emotional process. Events like this allow me to share and relate my industry concerns and gratitude’s with people that are having similar experiences.

It helps subside a lot of my insecurities and hesitations. Pouring my heart into creating authentic content becomes a little bit easier and lot more enjoyable.  Weather I find my creative outlet through hair, makeup, fashion, or “mama life,” I rest easy knowing that I blog to share a new perspective.  Not to cater to what I think people want to see.

This is my art, my creative expression, and I hope you feel inspired every time you come and visit my blog.

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