FALL-ING into a New Chapter

We are back from vacation and ready for cooler temps!  Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.  The changing season brings out the most radiant colors.  The cool breeze, the spiced lattes, pumpkin patches and the oversized sweaters- I love it all!

We are kick starting our fall with tons of family time.  Now that I am officially back to work 3 days a week, every second of our fam jams are cherished.  Kens family is HUGE on Thanksgiving.  This year’s feast was even more over the top than last years.  We spent the day playing family board games while the boys kept one eye on the baseball game.

After an eventful summer, it’s so nice to slow things down and cozy up with the family this time of year.  Now that we have a new little miracle about to join us, I appreciate it even more so.

I still can’t believe we are expecting baby number 2. We found out about this pregnancy the day we came back from Trinidad. I was already 3 months pregnant. My dress wasn’t zipping up and I was just blaming all of the curries and fried food I had been consuming on vacation. My hormones were still balancing out because I JUST stopped nursing Lils.  That’s how I missed all of the pregnancy signs. So here we are with our first trimester already behind us.

Ken and I hope to have an entire litter of babies one day so we are wasting NO time. We’ll be spending the next few months preparing for baby number 2 and enjoying the all-you-can-eat bonus that comes with pregnancy.

I’ll be sharing this new journey on my blog with all the ups and downs that are bound to come!

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