Extra Cheese, Please.

Ken and I lived the lifestyle of parenthood far before we had Lil’s.  Food festivals, camping, hiking, fam jams, and coffee shops while our friends partied away.

One of our favorite hang outs was Ontario Place.  This place is dear to our hearts because this is where we got married so any excuse to head back there gets us pretty pumped.  This time it was the Mac and Cheese Festival.  Our last little indulgence before a month of fasting ahead.  Warm and cheesy, cheese on cheese goodness.. yea, we’re there.

To top it off the weather was phenom.  A rare occurrence here in Toronto.  Big rimmed straw hats deemed appropriate for the bright, beautiful day. To my surprise, Lil’s was really into the hat.  She kept stopping to make sure it was on her head every time a gust of wind blew it down.  She actually balanced it on her head better than I did on the teacup ride.

I feel like my mom was just taking my sisters and I on the teacup ride not too long ago.  And here I am taking MY kid on the same ride.  It was probably the most fun I have ever seen her have.  She kept screaming “DADA” the entire time to make sure he was watching.  She was disoriented for a bit from all the spinning as she stumbled off the ride.

We finally got a little taste of summer time with a baby this weekend.  Luckily, ol’ Ken and I didn’t really find much of a change from our usual summer festivities.  Just a little cutey thrown into the mix.

Shop the hats here:

Mama’s hat- H&M 

Lil’s hat- Baby Gap

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