Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

After months of saving up for this blow dryer I FINALLY got my hands on this glorious machine.  The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is unlike any hair tool I have ever used. Not only did it cut my blow dry time in half, if not more, the results were long lasting.

I kept it in the box for a couple weeks after I bought it because it just looked too beautiful use.  Soon as I finally unpackaged it I knew I was amidst an extraordinary device.  All of the attachments are magnetic.  It comes with two nozzles, one slightly wider than the other.  The narrower nozzle directs more concentrated air flow and heat onto your hair shaft.  Then there’s the diffuser for natural curls and waves.  There is also a heat pad to rest the blow-dryer on counter top surfaces.  AND my favorite feature, the 9ft extra-long cord (heaven sent) that is absolutely IDEAL behind the chair at work.

There are 3 temperature settings and 3 airflow settings as well as a cool air setting, which is all pretty standard for any blow-dryer.  What’s not standard, is the sheer power that spews out once you turn it on.  I generally blow dry my course, curly… frizzy hair on full blast- high heat and high air.  To my surprise the air setting on this blow-dryer was making me lose total control while styling my hair.  I mean there was some SERIOUS air-flow.  So I used medium air and high heat to blow dry my hair.

I was able to get each section nice and smooth very quickly.  I then wrapped each section around my round brush and utilized the cool button to set the waves into place. It worked gloriously. The switch from hot to cold usually takes several seconds with blow-dryers I have used in the past.  But with this blow dryer the transition was made instantly.

The Dyson dryer was noticeably quieter compared to my regular hair dryer and lighter in weight.  Generic hair dryers tend to be top heavy and this is the only hair dryer with the motor in the handle.  So you are able to achieve optimum balance while using this tool.  It was VERY comfortable to use, which is ideal for someone suffering from carpal tunnel such as myself, and thousands of fellow hairdressers.  Ergonomically it is top-notch.

As a hair dresser, I feel like it worth the hefty price tag because I know I will be able to make my money back on it very quickly.  In the amount of time it takes me to accommodate one client, I’ll probably be able to accommodate two.  And maybe one day when I’m ballin’ I will buy one to use just for myself at home.  Until then, I’ll be blow drying my hair at work.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

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