DIY Thermal Spray

DIY Heat Protectant Thermal Spray with shine and moisture.

When I was researching natural heat protectants for this recipe I came across a flood of oils and ingredients. I came up with this recipe based off of the ones that had the highest heat tolerance and heat barriers. Here’s what you need for this recipe:

?1 TSP Shea Butter

?1 TSP Grape Seed Oil

?1/4 Cup Aloe Vera Gel.

?1 Cup Boiled Water

?Few drops of Tea Tree Oil (optional)

?1 TBSP Cornstarch

Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl. The hot water melts the shea butter to incorporate it evenly with the ingredients. When adding the cornstarch, make sure you continuously stir to avoid getting clumps.

Spray roots to ends on damp hair and heat style. No need to use a finishing product with this spray, the shine is unreal.

Shea butter has a structure similar to silicones used in commercial products so it creates an even barrier around each hair strand. It is dense with moisture and reparative.

Grape Seed oil is a light moisturizer and has a smoke point of 485F. It is able to withstand high heat while taming frizz.

Aloe Vera Gel adds a cooling and conditioning component to this recipe. .

** Do not add more oil to this recipe or it will have the opposite effect. This recipe is based off of my own research and experience. Do a patch test before applying it all over your hair.

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