DIY HairCut and Instyler 2-Way Rotating Iron

Don’t even act like you don’t do it!  We all sit there picking at our split ends.  Here’s a quick way to trim off those dead bits and keep your hair even.

Keyword: TRIM

This works best on damp, towel dried hair.  Start by parting your hair down the center.  Find the top of your head where the comb lays flat.  Use that as your starting point and create a part down to the TOP of your ear.

Comb your hair forward, parallel to the part you just created.  Keep the section of hair directly in front of your nose and TRIM off an inch or so of the dead ends.

Repeat on the other side of your head.

Split the remaining hair on the back of your head in half and comb each section over each shoulder. TRIM off the dead bits and style.

This technique is my monthly maintenance routine until I make it into the salon to have my hair layered and texturized.

If you are not confident using scissors or overall not a very hands-on or creative person, don’t trim your hair.  Leave it to the professionals!  It’s not worth having wonky hair.

I’m going to style my new haircut with the Instyler 2-way rotating iron.  It can be used on wet or dry hair.

I’ll be demonstrating how to use it to create a soft, blow-dry finish on wet and dry hair.  I’ll also show you how to create flips and curls with this tool!


Instyler 2 – Way Rotating Iron (Link)  

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Outfit – Fashion Nova (Link) 

Huda Beauty Eyelashes in “Noelle” (Link)  

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter – “Golden Sands” (Link)  

Maybeline Vivid Matte Liquid “Rebel Red” (Link)  

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