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I am a very HUGE believer in focusing all of my energy on what is going on inside my body to improve the outside. Definitely when it comes to improving the quality of my hair.

So when the condition of my hair starts to go downhill, particularly during the holiday months (when I binge on sugar and slack on my diet,) I know it is time to UP the Biotin intake. Biotin is an essential nutrient that helps improve the condition of hair, skin and nails.  ALL of the ingredients in this Holiday Smoothie are high in Biotin as well as other Vitamins essential to healthy locks.

I am pumped to use my Braun PureMix Blender to help me whip up this Healthy Hair Holiday smoothie!

Here is a breakdown of all of the ingredients:

Sweet in taste and rich in vitamins, berries are a nutrient power house when it comes to promoting healthy hair.

Raspberries- My favorite of all berries (I totally had a raspberry white chocolate wedding cake) is packed with Biotin and other hair friendly Vitamins such Vitamin A, B and C.  They help to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall.  These vitamins also promote shiny, healthy locks and slow down the greying process. YAASS!

Blueberries– These tiny blue droplets are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that help stimulate blood and oxygen on the scalp. This significantly helps to improve hair growth and prevent hair from greying! (They are rich in Vitamin A, C, E, and Vitamin B complex which supports hair growth.)

Blackberries– The darkest of berries offer the highest levels of antioxidants.  Blackberries are high in Vitamin A which helps to produce sebum, the oil our scalp naturally creates. This oil helps to keep your hair shiny and conditioned.

Strawberries– The yummiest berry is also one of the most beneficial.  Strawberries are an amazing source of Vitamin C which helps promote hair growth.  They are also loaded with folic acid, vitamins B5 and B6 which helps prevent hair loss. What makes them a hair growth super fruit is that they contain silica, which also prevents baldness and promotes hair growth.

Bananas– Can you even make a smoothie without a banana? Bananas are one of the fruits that contain the highest levels of Biotin.  The Vitamins found in this fruit help retain the natural oil on our scalp, improve hair elasticity and prevent hair breakage.

Avocado– It’s not a fruit and not a vegetable, this unlikely BERRY is a moisturizing dream.  I mean it does actually feel like butter! When applied topically, avocado oil actually penetrates inside the cuticle to nourish hair from the inside out. The abundance of proteins, vitamins and amino acids found in avocados fuel shiny, healthy hair and encourage hair growth.

Spinach– No well-rounded smoothie is complete without a green leafy addition.  Spinach is an abundant source of iron which is essential to the health of your hair.  Iron deficiency or anemia is very common.  In fact, it is something I suffer from myself.  One of the first side effects of low iron is hair loss.  Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach are one of the highest natural sources of iron intake.

Almonds–  Due to copper, iron and other vitamins, almonds promote the creation of hemoglobin.  This helps to prevent anemia.  Almonds are also crammed with Magnesium and considered to be one of the healthiest nuts.  A lack of magnesium intake has been known to cause hair loss. The high content of Biotin, Vitamin D and Magnesium in almonds makes hair grow noticeably faster.

Almond Milk– The wealth of iron in Almond milk stimulates blood flow on your scalp.  Blood stimulation on the scalp notably encourages hair growth. The abundance of vitamins such as vitamin A, D, B1, B2, and B6, improve the strength and condition of your hair. And the most important factor, it tastes so gOoOD.

RECIPE – (Total 2 Cup of YOUR favorite berries)

I used:

1/2 cup Blueberries

1/2 cup Blackberries

1/2 cup Raspberries

1/2 cup Strawberries

1 Banana

1 Avocado

1 cup Spinach

½ cup Almond milk

Honey to sweeten

Crushed Almonds to Garnish


  1. Rinse all of your ingredients.
  2. Add your favorite berries into a blender. (You can use all of the berries I used or a combination of your favorite berries. Just make sure it adds up to 2 cups!)
  3. Combine the remaining ingredients – Banana, avocado, spinach, and Almond milk into the blender.
  4. Liquefy the mixture until it is completely smooth.
  5. Add honey, agave, maple syrup or your sweetener of choice to taste.
  6. Pour into a glass and enjoy!
  7. *Optional* Crush some almonds and sprinkle them on top to garnish.

**Makes 2-4 servings.

I used the Braun PureMix Blender for this recipe.  The high set blade and unique contour of the jug paired with the 670watt motor whipped up all of my ingredients in a matter of seconds. The illuminated control panel lit up all 5 speed modes and the Auto Pulse function so I was able to quickly choose the perfect setting for my smoothie.

The removable measuring cap popped right off as my smoothie blended so I was able to add a last minute splash of honey to sweeten up my mixture.

The blender was very easy to clean and the base comes off with little to no effort at all.

A quick switch of the blade onto the Smoothie2Go cup and Lils was able to have her very own custom smoothie without avocado and bananas because apparently, “yuck.” Thankfully there was no spillage with this little monster’s smoothie thanks to the genius design of the lids on these cups.

I utilized the second Smoothie2GO cup and the “Chop” mode on my blender to crush a couple tablespoons of almonds for garnish.  They were just the right texture on top for a well-rounded, YUMMAY smoothie.

I hope you enjoyed this simple and nutritious holiday smoothie.

Happy HAIR and Happy Holidays!

Braun PureMix Blender (click to open link)


  • I am not a nutritionist.  This content is all from my personal research and experience.
  • This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of De’Longhi and Braun. The opinions and content are all mine.

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