Boho Chic and All Things Pink

Lil’s finally turned 1 a few weeks ago!

It’s party time! Hosting is one of my favorite things to do…Ken and I use to be regular hosts before Lil’s came along.  Deciding on the party theme, the menu, the décor, the outfits, I love it all. Luckily her first birthday finally gave me the chance to play. I mean.. plan- same thing.

This entire theme came together when Lil’s was gifted these adorable little golden booties. (thanks aunty)!  I was instantly inspired.  The soft pinks, splashes of gold and floral perfectly reflected Lil’s sweet and outgoing personality.

I found a really easy balloon arch tutorial on YouTube and the spiral design was perfect but it fell apart in transportation! Still loved it!
I made strawberries dipped, covered, sprinkled with treats the night before.  I melted white and pink chocolate to achieve the soft pink.  I dipped half of the batch in shredded sweetened coconut and drizzled hot pink chocolate on the other half. It was a huge hit!
The pink lemonade was a simple addition to the pretty pink tablecovers.  The “number 1” was a simple DIY I found on Pinterest and it cost me under $4.00 to make.  I cut out a number 1 on a piece of cardboard and glued on cupcake holders to achieve this floral design. So simple!
The white, gold and pink cupcakes and the cake pops were made by my cousin, an aspiring baker.  She did such a great job don’t you think?  The candy station was filled with my favorite sugary treats: Strawberries and Cream white Chocolate Lindt Truffles, pink jelly beans, pink candy corn, white chocolate almonds and sour watermelons.
The two-tiered raspberry white chocolate cake was decorated with white chocolate rosettes. It brought the perfect amount of elegance to a rather whimsical set up.
Cake- Jeannie’s Om Nom Nom Bakery
I’m pretty sure she had about 1 and a half chocolate strawberries…not bad for her first time having sugar.
 Ariba’s dress –Winners Fab Find | Ariba’s shoes- Steve Madden | Lil’s denim jacket- Gymboree | Lil’s Shoes- FreshlyPicked

I wore a side swept braid paired with a floral crown for just the right amount of boho-chic.

Floral Headbands – Reign by Brogan

Hair Tutorial

It was impossible to find a picture without a chocolate strawberry in her hands.
Just chillin’ out.

Lil’s cake smash or, “cake poke” was the next day in our living room.  I was excited to see her indulge her sweet tooth but this was one trait mama did not pass on.  I was anticipating a chaotic toddler covered in icing on a sugar high.  Instead, I had a little lady gently poking the cake in confusion and awe for about half an hour. Lame.

Lil’s Skirt- Miss Bella Leigh
Yup, just poked the cake for about 20 minutes.
Cake smash fail continued.
Poking whilst sitting.
Poking whilst standing.

I’m so unbelievably grateful for this milestone. Her first year is already behind us. I cannot believe how much this little girl has changed our lives because let me tell you, this is NOT the type of parties we were throwing! Décor and fashion aside, getting friends and family together to celebrate our biggest blessing was my favorite part of planning this party.

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  1. My baby girl turns one early July and I really wanted an original not usual first birthday and this idea just made life so much more easier ❤️Thank you & your gorgeous princess

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