Birth Story – VLOG

Hey Guys!

I want to hold on to these little kicks inside me one last time. This may be my last pregnancy and as much as I want to soak in every last bit of it, I am also ready for it to be over. These last few weeks have been the most discomfort I have experienced in any of my pregnancies. I can feel the toll the back-to-back pregnancies have taken on my body. Having to care for my other two toddlers while pregnant has had its’ fair share of challenges and joy.

The cramping started 3 weeks prior to delivery. Each session feeling like it was the one! But this false alarm felt different, I was definitely in labor. All of my family rushed over to my mom’s house, waiting to hear the news as Ken took me to the hospital. As soon as we arrived to hospital the contractions slowed down and finally stopped all together. Back home it was.

My sisters watched helplessly as I tried to maintain my patience.  I have to admit, the frustration was kicking in. My sister decided to get me some Raspberry leaf tea to help with the contractions and boy did it work instantly. After my second cup I had to go back to the hospital. I was 5 cm along! It moved very quickly after that. I couldn’t even get off the bed. I was wheel chaired into the delivery room where my husband and mom stayed by side.

As I squeezed my husband’s hand I closed my eyes and stayed focus on my mother’s voice, praying constantly in my ears.  Her soft hand strokes through my hair helped me overcome the pain. I prayed for patience as the never-ending contractions gained strength. It felt different this time. The pain was so much more intense, my body felt so much weaker than my first two times giving birth.

I was in labor for about an hour when the nurse rolled me over to my side. The pain was something I have never experienced before. All I could do is push my face into my mother’s stomach as she stood by my side. I cried and begged God for help. The nurse rolled me onto my back and I started to push.  The pushing didn’t seem to end this time around and I couldn’t find the strength that I had the first two times around. One last prayer for mercy and I pushed with all my might.

When baby finally arrived I couldn’t even open my eyes. I was struggling to breath. All I heard was my husband telling me it’s a girl! I was shocked. As they layed her on top of me I was still unable to open my eyes or catch my breath. After several minutes I see her, so much bigger than all of my other babies. 7lb!

Well hello little mama. So it was you causing all this mayhem inside me this entire time? I rubbed her head as she latched on. Rocking her with whatever strength I was able to muster up.

There’s no need for any introductions, I’ve known you forever.

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