Balayage: Hair Colour as an Art

I recently posted a picture of a French fishtail paired with a French hair colouring technique called balayage. The heavily French influence of this look inspired me to do some research.

The term balayage means “to sweep” and it is a freehand application of colour. The technique emerged in the 1970s shortly after the surrealist movement took hold of the French art scene. Surrealism was about “the liberation of desire” and encouraged artists to unleash their imagination.

Balayage invites self-expression and whimsy, much like an artist placing brushstrokes on a canvas. As a hair artist, the history lesson improves my understanding of the technique. As a mom, I have more practical concerns like the time commitment and price tag.

Here are some of the reasons I recommend balayage over traditional foil colouring:

It’s low maintenance.

Hand-painted colour provides natural depth and dimension, unlike foil colouring. Soft strokes of the lighter hues gently blend into my darker root, creating less obvious regrowth lines. Colour that fades gradually means I can go longer periods of time in between touch-ups.

It’s a bargain.

I prefer to tone my hair every four to six weeks instead of paying for a full colour. Toners balance unnatural shades that appear when your colour starts to fade. A good toner will correct the undertones, giving your colour longevity at a lower cost.

I can go lighter!

A good colourist knows where to place the lighter hues and how to create shadows that will complement your skin tone. Remember the transition from dark to light has to be soft for a natural look that stands the test of time.

It looks natural.

Balayage provides personalized hair colour down to each strand. I love the natural multi-tonal effect I can achieve with this technique.

Do you prefer balayage, traditional foils or something in between? Comment below!

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