Apple Picking

Growing up in Texas, some of my favorite memories are visiting farms.  We lived in Houston, a major city, but driving down to the country on a school field trip or for the weekend was something I always looked forward to.  My favorite was climbing haystacks, I remember mom always bribing me to come down and I would always try to get lost so I could stay longer.

Then we would head straight to the petting zoo, I still remember the first time I saw a pregnant goat.  It was my first time seeing a pregnant anything and I just couldn’t understand why she ate her baby.  I remember leaving with baskets of fruit that we would pick ourselves and eat on the car ride home.

Ken also grew up spending his summers at his Grandma’s farm in Trinidad.  So of course, living Downtown Toronto, we’re both majorly deprived of country goodness.  Ever so often we have the urge to drive as far as we need to, to get our fix.  Lil’s loves it too!  She was only 3 months old when we took her on her first camping trip and down to the pumpkin patch.  She was squealing like a little piggy the entire time.  So as soon as fall time rolled back around this year, I couldn’t wait to take her back.

She’s created her own little language these days and it comes across very demanding.  Ken and I were commanded “Apple, Now!. GO” our entire day apple picking.  We’re working on learning how to say “please.”

Ken and I always talk about dropping everything and moving up North one day.  I think the first month would be great but I would be running right back after that!  But there is something so comforting in holding onto little hobbies from my past. It just brings me back down from it all and keeps me centered.  Reliving my childhood faves with Aaliyana, and seeing her enjoy things that I loved doing growing up gives me life.

As great as it was to get away from the city, it was also great to come back to a plethora of café’s at every corner.  Seriously, why can’t we ever find any coffee when we drive towards the country?

No matter how long I’ve been living the city life, I’ll always be a country gal’ at heart. But only for the day, then I need my Grande, half sweet caramel latte with extra foam and whip, no syrup.

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