Annual Trip Home – Trinidad and Tobago

We are back for our annual trip to Ken’s childhood home in Trinidad and Tobago.  It’s our first time taking Aaliyana to visit the family. The last time I was here, I had just found out I was pregnant with Lils!

Ken loves the island life.  He was born in Canada and lived there his entire life but he spent all of his summers growing up here with his Grandma.  He considers this home and is always trying to convince me to move permanently.  It’s gorgeous here but the laid-back island life is not for this city mama.

Most of our time here is consumed with family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Kens Grandma lets all of the coconuts pile up on her land weeks before our arrival.  She knows we love making our way through each coconut!  We love cutting them down and drinking straight from the shells.  The sweet jelly inside is my favorite, and Lils too!

When we’re not with family you can find us on the beach.  We rented cars and somehow Ken drives on this island as if he lives here full time.  It’s right handed driving and everything is the opposite.  I have no idea how he does it.  Especially to our drive to Maracas Beach.  The entire drive is on the edge of a mountain and the road is so narrow and rocky.  It makes me so nervous every time but he is as relaxed as can be.

We discovered on this trip that Lils is a beach bum like mama.  She prefers lying on the sand all day just like me.  The boys spent most of their days in the water while me and her built sand castles.  We drove down to the southern coast in the villages and met some locals that directed us to the best curry I think I have ever had.

Before mama life, our trips down here were a lot more spontaneous.  We drove all night, stopping at random locations to stare at the water in the moonlight.  Or finding off trail hikes to waterfalls in remote areas.  Hiking is my absolute favorite activity but I’m far too nervous to go with Lils.  It’s something we won’t be getting back to until she’s a bit older.

Ken’s uncle took us fishing on a boat he built himself.  He took us right at sunset to watch the trees fill with pink flamingoes as the sky changed to dusk.  It was breathtaking.  He invited us to go fishing overnight but maybe when Lils is a little bit older!

Our family packed trip ended with a big get together at Grandmas house.  Every one brought tons and tons of food in true Trinidadian fashion.

I love the simplicity of the life here in Trinidad.  The energy is so relaxed compared to our high paced life in Toronto.  I’m not going to lie, it is a bit tempting to move here and be closer to the family.  Maybe one day, but for now my annual trips are enough! Until next time Trinidad!

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