All Work And Play

It’s finally warming up outside. Lately it seems that I have no idea what to wear!  All of my clothes from last spring-summer are maternity clothes or cozy post-partum.   Anything I have before that are well, my “party girl” clothes.  (She was fun but I definitely don’t miss her, or her choice of attire!)

Was everything always this tiny?

I’m not sure if it’s a coming of age thing or just a different stage of my life, but my pre-baby clothes are making me feel ridiculous.  Most of my wardrobe just had to go!  Which is great considering how quickly I get bored.  It gave me a chance to recreate my closet.

I’m a strong believer in acquiring a wardrobe reflective of one’s lifestyle.

I had a couple of years of all work and a few years of all play.  Yet, ever since I had baby it’s been a very family oriented lifestyle.

Now that Lil’s is a little more independent I am finally able to find some balance in all of those aspects.  Of course, my wardrobe had to follow suit.

A pencil skirt is THE place to start.  Weather I’m rushing to work or enjoying a night out, it’s the perfect piece to slip on!

My new – pretty pink fav!

Shop the look here!

SKIRT – (By Hot Miami Styles)

TOP – (By Hot Miami Styles)

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