5 Hair Goals for the New Year

The new year is upon us and it’s time to map out your plans for the next 365 days! I’ve created a list of five achievable hair goals and some friendly tips to help you get there.

Make 2016 the year that you start investing in your hair! Happy goal-setting!


There is a time and a place for perfectly polished hair. There’s also a time for undone top-knots and messy buns (mama life for the win). Keep 2016 laid back and effortlessly chic, because let’s face it – trying to perfectly position every strand sucks the fun out of hairstyling.

TIP: Embrace the flyaways. Pull those baby hairs down instead of trying to tuck them back into your style. Nothing creates character or ups your charisma quite like untamed, tousled strands doing their own thing. I’ll be posting some messy bun how-to’s on my Tutorials page so stay posted!


The pineapple method is a simple and effective way to keep your hairstyle in tact and frizz-free overnight. Simply gather all of your hair in a loose ponytail or scarf on the TOP of your head. Positioning your roots vertically while you sleep will increase the volume ten-fold AND allow you to rock second-day hair without adding product or re-washing.  Click here to see more detailed tutorial on the Pineapple Method.

TIP: Pair your high ponytail with a silk pillowcase to add longevity! Silk pillowcases have a smooth surface, which eliminates bed head by preventing knots and friction as you shift in your sleep


You may cringe at the thought of not washing your hair everyday, but frequent shampooing is incredibly damaging to your locks. Not only does it strip your hair of the essential oils that keep your strands looking fresh and fluffy, it makes you more prone to breakage, frayed ends and hair loss. If that doesn’t deter you from over cleansing, remember that oil glands respond to a dry scalp by producing more oil, leading to greasier hair, and more shampooing.

TIP: Stop the vicious cycle in 2016 by alternating between a couple of hat days, some dry shampoo, and a quick rinse of your bangs to help you through some of the greasy mornings. Your oil glands will adjust the production of oil to your new routine in about 6 weeks, leaving you with stronger, healthier hair.


Bring your hair back to life by using a quality hair mask, which can correct the damage caused by chemicals and heat. Regular conditioners tend to rest on top of the hair shaft, whereas hair masks work their way into the cuticle.  This deep conditioning effect works wonders to restore natural shine and health for all hair types.

TIP: Choosing the right hair mask is key! There are generally two types of hair masks: moisturizing masks and reparative masks. If your hair is heat damaged, stick to moisture-infusing masks which will help you maintain a healthy glow. If your hair is over-processed from coloring, opt for reparative masks.


Ok, now that your hair is nicely moisturized, what about all of that product buildup?  I wash my hair with unfiltered tap water, so it’s exposed to a lot of harmful minerals, such as copper, magnesium, iron and lead.  These minerals dull vibrant colors such as reds and brunettes. They also create buildup which results in a greenish, blue hue, that is more noticeable on blondes.

TIP: Use a clarifying shampoo.  My favorite is Weekender Shampoo from Unite.  For a low-cost, natural home remedy, use equal parts apple-cider vinegar and water to help keep your locks squeaky clean. 

I hope you found my tips helpful..Remember that your lovely locks are an amazing gift so be sure to nourish and protect them in the new year! Thanks for dropping by my lovelies!

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