DIY Sea Salt Spray

DIY sea salt spray for beach waves! This spray helps refine a full range of hair textures. 


?1 Cup- Water
?3 TSP- Sea Salt (or Himalayan Salt)
?3 TSP- Coconut Oil
?1 TSP- Aloe Vera Gel

Apply roots to ends on damp hair and let it dry naturally for best results.

Spray on pin straight hair to add volume and grit or on wavey hair to define hair texture. It can also help reduce frizz and enhance natural curls. .

This spray is ideal for those of you with oily hair or those of you living in humid climates.

You can also use it as a finishing spray to add texture to upstyles, braids, and to break down heat styled curls.

Excessive use of salt sprays can dry out your hair, use only 1-2x a week.

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